My Windows tricks

Shift + Click — on any hyperlink to open it in a new window.

Ctrl + + — Resize any list control to it’s contents.

*  — Expand any tree node and all it’s sub nodes in windows.
+ — Expand any tree node
–  — Collapse any tree node

Shift + Click — on any folder inside explorer to open it in a new window with explorer bar at it’s side showing the path leading to that folder.

Shift + Enter – Does the same as above

Ctrl + Enter will open any folder in a new window

Ctrl + Double Click will open any folder in a new window

Ctrl + Double click on any explorer title bar including internal explorer to see that window in full screen mode.

Alt + Drag to select in columns.

Ctrl + Shift + F8 to do the above using keyboard.

WinKey + L to lock the desktop

Alt + Enter on any file to view it’s property pages.

Alt + Double Click on any folder to open it’s property pages.

Alt + Spacebar to open System menu of any window

Alt + – to open system menu of main child windows, for eg: Word document windows

Shift + Close button ( On caption bar ) to close all parent windows of a child explorer window at once.

Winkey + D — Show desktop
Winkey + M — Minimize all
Winkey + Shift + M — Undo Minimize All
WinKey + R — Opens run dialog
Winkey + E — Opens explorer.
Winkey + U — Opens Utility manager.
Winkey — Opens start menu

3 thoughts on “My Windows tricks

  1. Good tips! I’ll add a one that I like to use:

    Ctrl+Click on task bar icons to select multiples.

    Now, Right+Click on a selected icon to be able to “Close/Minimize/Tile/Cascade” the whole group.

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