Easy way to display Gif’s, Ico’s, JPEG’s and BMP’s on your window

Here is a function that does this! You only have to call this function with an image file, (gif, jpeg, jpg, bmp, ico) and a window handle onto which¬†picture is to be painted. This is originally from MSDN but I modified it slightly to make it into one function… ūüėČ

[sourcecode language=’cpp’]// This function loads a file into an IStream.
void LoadPictureFile( LPCTSTR szFile, HWND hWnd )
  LPPICTURE gpPicture = 0;
  // open file
  HANDLE hFile = CreateFile(szFile, GENERIC_READ, 0, NULL, OPEN_EXISTING, 0, NULL);

  // get file size
  DWORD dwFileSize = GetFileSize(hFile, NULL);
  _ASSERTE(-1 != dwFileSize);

  LPVOID pvData = NULL;
  // alloc memory based on file size
  HGLOBAL hGlobal = GlobalAlloc(GMEM_MOVEABLE, dwFileSize);
  _ASSERTE(NULL != hGlobal);

  pvData = GlobalLock(hGlobal);
  _ASSERTE(NULL != pvData);

  DWORD dwBytesRead = 0;
  // read file and store in global memory
  BOOL bRead = ReadFile(hFile, pvData, dwFileSize, &dwBytesRead, NULL);
  _ASSERTE(FALSE != bRead);

  // create IStream* from global memory
  HRESULT hr = CreateStreamOnHGlobal(hGlobal, TRUE, &pstm);
  _ASSERTE(SUCCEEDED(hr) && pstm);

  // Create IPicture from image file
  if (gpPicture)
  hr = ::OleLoadPicture(pstm, dwFileSize, FALSE, IID_IPicture, (LPVOID *)&gpPicture);
  _ASSERTE(SUCCEEDED(hr) && gpPicture); 

/** Painting part added to make it into one function **/

  // Retrieve dc
  HDC hdc = GetDC( hWnd );
  long hmWidth = 0;
  long hmHeight = 0;

// convert himetric to pixels
  int nWidth = MulDiv(hmWidth, GetDeviceCaps(hdc, LOGPIXELSX), HIMETRIC_INCH);
  int nHeight = MulDiv(hmHeight, GetDeviceCaps(hdc, LOGPIXELSY), HIMETRIC_INCH);
  RECT rc;
  GetClientRect(hWnd, &rc);

// display picture using IPicture::Render
  gpPicture->Render(hdc, 0, 0, nWidth, nHeight, 0, hmHeight, hmWidth, -hmHeight, &rc);
  ReleaseDC( hWnd, hdc );

/** End Painting Part **/
}// End LoadPictureFile[/sourcecode]

It’s not a good idea to put painting¬†stuff in one function, since¬†painted image¬†will get erased when window is moved or resized.¬† Ideally painting stuff should be¬†in the WM_PAINT handler, so I leave that part to you.

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