How to rotate text using WinAPI?

Simple way to rotate a piece of text is to use a font object… Here is a sample which does this…

[sourcecode language=’cpp’]void CSomeDlg::OnPaint()
CPaintDC dc(this);

 // Get existing dlg font    
CFont NewFont;     
LOGFONT lgFnt = { 0 };     

 // Modify this existing font //

// Face name is important, some font’s like MS Sans Serif doesn’t work
strcpy( lgFnt.lfFaceName, “Arial” );

// Give rotation as multiples of 10, so rotation will be 90 degrees
lgFnt.lfOrientation = 900;
lgFnt.lfEscapement =  900;

// Create a font from this log font     
VERIFY( NewFont.CreateFontIndirect( &lgFnt ));

 // Save this DC    
const int DcRestorePoint = dc.SaveDC();      
dc.SetBkMode( TRANSPARENT );

// Set this font to DC     
dc.SelectObject( &NewFont );     
dc.TextOut( 100,100, _T( “Nibu babu thomas loves Jesus Christ” ));

// Restore dc to previous state    
dc.RestoreDC( DcRestorePoint );
}// End OnPaint[/sourcecode]

Not much of work ! 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to rotate text using WinAPI?

  1. Hello,

    I have a strange question: I am programming in Harbour together with MiniGui (a lib to create window programs). Now I want to print some rotated text in a window. I have a peace of code that does some of the things I want, but not all. It is a C function,I believe and I want to give the angle and the fontname, size, bold, italic, underline to this function. But I don’t know how. Here is the code I have at this moment:


    RECT rc;
    int angle;
    HFONT hfnt, hfntPrev;
    LPSTR lpszRotate = “The string to be rotated”;
    HRESULT hr;
    size_t pcch;
    HWND hwnd;
    HDC hdc;

    // Allocate memory for a LOGFONT structure.
    PLOGFONT plf = (PLOGFONT) LocalAlloc(LPTR, sizeof(LOGFONT));

    hdc = GetDC ( (HWND) hb_parnl(1) ) ;

    // Specify a font typeface name and weight.
    strncpy(plf->lfFaceName, “Arial”,6);
    plf->lfWeight = FW_NORMAL;

    // Retrieve the client-rectangle dimensions.
    GetClientRect((HWND) hb_parnl(1), &rc);

    // Set the background mode to transparent for the
    // text-output operation.
    SetBkMode(hdc, TRANSPARENT);

    // Draw the string 36 times, rotating 10 degrees
    // counter-clockwise each time.

    for (angle = 0; angle lfEscapement = angle;
    hfnt = CreateFontIndirect(plf);
    hfntPrev = SelectObject(hdc, hfnt);

    // The StringCchLength call is fitted to the lpszRotate string
    pcch = strlen(lpszRotate);

    TextOut(hdc, rc.right / 2, rc.bottom / 2,
    lpszRotate, pcch);
    SelectObject(hdc, hfntPrev);

    // Reset the background mode to its default.
    SetBkMode(hdc, OPAQUE);

    // Free the memory allocated for the LOGFONT structure.
    LocalFree((LOCALHANDLE) plf);


    #pragma ENDDUMP

    Can you help me ajust this function so I can use it the way I wants.

  2. Sorry Rene!

    Hope I am not late replying to you. It’s quite easy to specify an angle, underline, size, bold, italic.

    These are font properties which can be specified while creating a font.

    Take a closer look at my sample function and you will understand.

    As a hint you can replace “900” (i.e. 90 degs * 10 ) with another angle * 10.

    I will generalize given sample for your purpose.

Appreciate your comments...