Second day at the MVP Summit!

First day went well, so this is the second day, all our sessions scheduled for today and tomorrow will held in Microsoft Campus!

Cool atmosphere! Can see MVPs walking around busy taking pictures around the concrete slab which has Microsoft written on it.

Guess what we’ll be meeting with the Visual C++ team today! Since I am under NDA I won’t be revealing much. Rest assured some hot stuff is coming. 🙂

Pretty informative sessions! Met with Joseph Newcomer, Nishant Sivakumar, Prasad Somvanshi, P J Naughter!

Michael Dunn is somewhere here but I am yet to find him. Will catch him later.

The campus is real big! Even Microsoft employees haven’t visited all these buildings! Most of them don’t have the permission to do so!

Saw Ayman Shaukry from Visual C++ team too!

Core point of our discussion revolved around new products to be launched by Microsoft. Meeting room is packed with plenty of food and drinks.

So that’s it for the second day!

A picture of me standing by Microsoft concrete slab!

Group picture with few other India MVPs

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