Third day at the MVP summit!

We are at Microsoft campus to for our third day MVP sessions. Guys are still busy taking pictures, including me, hehe. If ya see those pictures you will think I’m working in Microsoft (Hmm someday).

So what’s new, well nothing, it’s all about Microsoft products again. Good thing is that they are listening to what we are saying about their products. Our feedbacks are being noted down (This shows the importance of MVPs). Some of them are being seriously thought of being implemented.

We can expect real cool stuff from Microsoft! I won’t reveal what they are planning since I am under NDA!

Guess what! I saw John Robbins he was there for the debugger sessions. Hmm!

Well now let me reveal something, the thing that stunned me! One of the Visual C++ team members told me that he was using my Process Viewer. Wow isn’t that cool guys! For me it is! It’s a real cool application you should try it out.

We’ve got a third day party with fellow MVP’s  so we’ll be leaving shortly!

Some pictures…

With MFC Program manager Sarita, and fellow MVPs!

With Joseph Newcomer and Prasad Som!

With P.J Naughter and a fellow MVP!

Near Space needle after our third day MVP party!

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