NDTV – ATS chief Karkare succumbs to injuries

NDTV should know that money is not everything. They should probably hire an extra editor or someone to screen/filter out garbage that they write in their website.

Hemant Karkare - ATS Chief

I was reading a news page on officer Karkare from NDTV site. What a brave man to have taken three bullets on his chest and not on his back. And look at what NDTV has to say, I am very angry and upset about this news channel.

An excerpt from the news item…

“Another IPS officer Ashok Marutirao Kamte, a 1989 batch IPS officer, was killed while fighting terrorists at Metro Cinema in the city along with encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar who also gunned down as one of the worst terror strikes brought Mumbai to the knees“.

Ashok Kamte - Additional Commissioner of Police

Ashok Kamte - Additional Commissioner of Police

At least for NDTV’s information Mumbai is not on her knees, what I feel is that NDTV is on it’s knees begging for money. Reading this made me sick. NDTV just wasted the reason why these officers gave up their precious lives. I personally salute these brave officers. NDTV just made the terrorists(aka cowards) heroes. Mumbai rocks and it will keep doing so, don’t let these bunch of cowards take hold of your life. No one can bring India to it’s knees. Thanks to the “Men” who gave their lives for our country. I was pondering over the meaning of the word ‘terrorist’. One meaning that struck me was that these are the people who spread terror. And what’s interesting is that they are spreading terror by manipulating television news channels, their websites and of course newspapers. News channels accross the world has been spreading the news like it’s the end of the world. Sickening pictures of people lying in a pool of blood. Imagining you picking up a newspaper and see the picture of a man who has been shot. I see those in my country all the time. Why can’t these people talk about something good on their frontpage at least. There are lot’s of positive things going around, why can’t they report those things. Well that’s the problem, this doesn’t bring money, so hence they just keep splashing blood all over the frontpage of a newspaper.

Vijay Salaskar - Encounter Specialist
Vijay Salaskar – Encounter Specialist

Come on give me a break. Spread some good news. Spread news about survival instead of bloodshed. Don’t play into the hands of these cowards. Think about these heroes and stop this non sense.

2 thoughts on “NDTV – ATS chief Karkare succumbs to injuries

  1. Salute the brave men… In this fucking attack we missed few best of ATS and Encounter specialists. After Sep 11, Americans never allowed even flies to enter their sky without their permission. What the hell happening here with national security? IN most of the news channel, they were saying like, the aim of terrorists was to show up India as an insecure country. What the hell if they can show up if the insecurity is a fact.

  2. I never knew NDTV is LeT’s official news channel. Such media coverage just adds up to the agonies. It is a sad state of media that it believes in dramatization of the incidents MORE than actually stating the truth. Instead of using a statment like ” terror strikes brought Mumbai to the knees”, it should have been more sympathic to families of people who martyred to solve this issue. It is pretty shameful that a premium channel like NDTV disregarded sacrifices of brave people like Vijay Salaskar, Karkare and officer Ashok Marutirao Kamte.

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