DOS command to display a list of installed device drivers

To list all the drivers on your box use the DOS command DriverQuery.


C:>driverquery /?

DRIVERQUERY [/S system [/U username [/P [password]]]]
[/FO format] [/NH] [/SI] [/V]
Enables an administrator to display a list of installed device drivers.

Parameter List:
/S     system           Specifies the remote system to connect to.
      /U     [domain]user    Specifies the user context
under which the command should execute.
      /P     [password]       Specify the password for the given
user context.
      /FO    format           Specifies the type of output to display.
Valid values to be passed with the
switch are “TABLE”, “LIST”, “CSV”.
      /NH                     Specifies that the “Column Header”
should not be displayed. Valid for
“TABLE” and “CSV” format only.
      /SI                     Provides information about signed drivers.
      /V                      Displays verbose output. Not valid
for signed drivers.
      /?                      Displays this help message.

DRIVERQUERY /S ipaddress /U user /V
DRIVERQUERY /S system /U domainuser /P password /FO LIST

Further Interesting things to do…

DriverQuery and the DOS Find command makes a powerful pair, think about following questions…

  1. How to get a list of device drivers that are disabled. Here’s the command
    DriverQuery /V | find /I “Disabled”
    DriverQuery: List of disabled drivers
  2. How to get a list of file system drivers. Here’s the command
    DriverQuery /v | find /I “File System”
    DriverQuery: List of File System drivers
  3. How about usb drivers? Here’s the command…
    DriverQuery /v | find /I “usb”
    DriverQuery: List of USB drivers

Please note the above filtering is based on string parsing you might some false entries as well, so take a closer look at the output before using them.

You can view remote system drivers as well. Pass in the remote machine name, I guess you should be an admin on the remote machine to get this going.

Can you be used in batch files as well.

Appreciate your comments...