VisualBasic PowerPack missing from Visual Studio 2013?

Note the power pack is not part of Visual Studio 2013 install, it comes as separate MSI. The download link for Visual Basic Powerpack for Visual Studio 2013 is hard to find online as well. I found the link from our internal support article.

Download VB Powerpack (direct link to bits):


Please close any open instances of Visual Studio 2013. Once the installation completes and if you still don’t see the Powerpack controls in the toolbox. Do the following.

  1. Open Visual Studio 2013
  2. Open the toolbox. Add a new tab, right click on the toolbox, select “Add Tab”. Name the tab to “Visual Basic PowerPack”
  3. Expand the new “Tab”. Right click in the empty space under the new tab and select “Choose Item”. You’ll see the following dialog popup…
  4. Please give it few minutes to load all items. Please select “.Net Framework Components” tab if its not already selected.
  5. In the filter text box control please type in “Power”. You should see something like this in the above dialog…
  6. Check the relevant ones and add them to your toolbox as shown below…
  7. Once you click ok, you should see the following controls added to your toolbox…
  8. In my case I’ve added all powerpack controls to my toolbox.
  9. You might also have to add a reference to this new powerpack library if you still see compilation errors. Be aware that the assembly name has changed as well…

We’ve had couple of customer’s who report that Visual Basic powerpack is missing from Visual Studio 2013.

Enjoy the powerpack.

8 thoughts on “VisualBasic PowerPack missing from Visual Studio 2013?

  1. This didn’t work for me.

    I’m running Visual Studio Express 2013 on Windows 8.1 with .NET 4.5.

    I followed the link you provided, but the installer looked different than the one you showed, and it installed VB Power Pack 10.0, not 12.0 as your image showed.

    Once installed, I opened VS and one of my Forms projects. The Toolbox still showed no power pack items, so I followed your instruction, adding a new group to the Toolbox called Visual Basic PowerPack. I then tried to add the PowerPack items to the new group, but they weren’t listed on the .NET Framework Components tab.

    What am I missing here?


Appreciate your comments...