Oct 072014


There are several known folders in Windows. They are as follows…

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Downloads

Below screenshot will demonstrate these folders further…


By default these folders are put in under the users directory, for e.g.

  • Desktop: c:\users\<username>\Desktop\
  • Documents: c:\users\<username>\Documents\
  • Pictures: c:\users\<username>\Pictures\
  • Music: c:\users\<username>\Music
  • etc

So why should we change this path?

In my case I had a need to put all these folders under my root folder, i.e. I normally keep a folder structure like D:\NibuRoot\. This helps me to…

  • Put all my files under one folder so that they’re not scattered around.
  • Ease of access
  • Easy to backup, I use beyond compare for backing up.
  • Data stays intact in case of OS corruption as mostly this folder will be in a different partition
  • Ease of use from Explorer and Run dialog. Explorer follows suit.
  • All your Visual Studio Projects are moved to this location as well. All future projects are now created under this folder as well. One primary reason I change the default location.

How to Change the Default Location of the Documents folder?

So I’ll show you a demo for the Documents folder. You can follow the same process for other folders as well…

  1. Open Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E) or just open up any folder.
  2. You should see following list of folders in the left hand side Navigation Pane of Windows Explorer
  3. Right click on the Documents folder, select ‘Properties’.
  4. The folder property dialog pops up, please select ‘Location’ tab as shown below…
  5. Click the ‘Move’ button.
  6. Select/Create a new folder.
  7. Your selection should show up in the ‘Location’ tab. Please verify it indeed does.
  8. Anytime to revert back to the original folder location select ‘Restore Default’.
  9. Please note, once you click ‘Apply’, following dialog pops up. Prompts you to move all the data in the existing ‘Documents’ folder to your new ‘Documents’ folder. Cool isn’t it?
  10. Follow the recommendation.
  11. Yep, that’s it. Now the default path of ‘Documents’ folder has changed to your selection. So now if you type in ‘Documents’ in the Windows run dialog, your new ‘Documents’ folder will open up. Similarly from explorer as well.


This is how we change the default folder path of ‘Documents’ folder. Steps are identical for other folders as well.

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