Aug 052014

Had a customer who a opened a ticket for help on this error. The project built fine on Windows 8 but after upgrading to Windows 8.1 he started seeing above error on compilation using a 64 bit toolset.

After much troubleshooting we found the issue to be caused by a pre-release version of WDK installed on his machine. RCToolPath pointed to an older version of WDK8.1.

Customer uninstalled pre-release of WDK (to be precise: Windows Driver Kit for Windows 8.1 Preview) and installed WDK RTM. This resolved the tracker error in this case.

Blogging on this just in case you’re pulling your hair out trying to figure.

Jan 202014

A video presentation on what’s new and cool in Visual Studio 2013 Solution Explorer…

I’ll follow up this presentation with some more presentation on what’s some of the cool things in Visual Studio 2013 just to speed up anyone who’s hopping onto the Visual Studio 2013 wagon.

Oct 022013


What is Code Map?

Back in Nov 2012, in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 a new feature named Code Map was introduced in Ultimate edition. The feature allowed visualization of relationships in code. Here’s a short video that will help you understand the concept behind Code Map.

Beginning Visual Studio 2012 Update 2, Microsoft has extended Code Map with debugging support allowing us to visualize code relationship as you step through the code in debugging session. Consider the Windows Phone code below where on a button click event a call is made to a web service to request population for Pakistan. Once the result is obtained a confirmation message is shown to the user. However during testing we identified that the confirmation message is shown before the response is actually retrieved so we’ll debug the code with Code Map to evaluate the issue.

Code Map: How To?

To explore Code Map debugging feature, set the breakpoint on Button click handler and as soon as the breakpoint is hit, bring forth the code map window by either of following,

–       By selecting Code Map button from toolbar

–       Choosing Show Call Stack on Code Map from Debug menu

–       Pressing Ctrl + Shift + `

You’ll see something like this,

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More information on code map: