Sep 222015


Just be careful with the SharePoint 2013 August 2015 CU. One of the security fixes in this cumulative update package has a bug: Because this is a security fix most companies will push this fix to their servers.

The bug pops up when you try to attach a file to a list item or a calendar item. Here’s how the error message will look like…

Message from webpage
File names can’t contain the following characters: &”?<>#{}%~/\

Attaching a file to a list item is a feature that is rarely used so I guess customer’s affected will be just a minority. Microsoft is planning to fix this issue in October CU.


There are some workarounds listed in below blog link. Please make sure you back up the JavaScript files before modifying it.

Another workaround is to do the following…

  1. Create the list item without adding any attachments
  2. Go back to the list and select the list item you created in item 1.
  3. Ribbon->Items->Attach File and provide the attachment.

This will work for list items, but I’m not sure if this will work for calendar items.