A round dialog box!

Ever wondered how those cute little round dialog boxes are created. I too wondered for some time. But let me tell you it is easy, take a look:

Do this from OnInitDialog!

[sourcecode language=’cpp’]//Create a region object globally.
CRgn m_EllipticRegion;

//a rect object
CRect crDialogRect;

//get your dialog size

//Now create the elliptic region from the client rect
crDialogRect.Height() /*Height*/

//create a round dialog
this->SetWindowRgn(m_EllipticRegion, TRUE);[/sourcecode]

See I told you it’s easy πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “A round dialog box!

  1. Hi Nibu,
    I have another request for you. Do you hve a code in VC++ which can make round command buttons? I really can’t find a straight forward and simple code for the same.. It would be of great help if u could post it here.
    Thanx and Regards,

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