Apr 082008

Finally good news for MFC developers as Microsoft has made Visual C++ 2008 Libraries Extension Feature Pack Final Release!

Available for download here. Informative video by Stephen T. Lavavej on TR1 release is here.

I’m back in business, hip hip hurray! 😀

Some classes in TR1 that I am working on…

  • shared_ptr – The most useful feature in TR1.
    Manages pointers via reference counting, as the name says the pointer is shared among different instances of shared_ptr objects. As one object goes out of scope it destroys itself reducing reference count, so as the last object is destroyed the pointer itself gets destroyed since reference count then becomes zero. Much like COM AddRef and Release.

Will add more as I get time!

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  1. I’ll second that emotion. Let us know if you find any nice tidbits!


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