Apr 082008

I had heavy resource leaks in my resource digger application with my resource leak detector showing ever increasing amount of bitmap handles!

As a hint to me this was happening in my icon display function, but looking up the code I found nothing causing a leak. Analyzing closely I found that bitmap count was increasing by two, ah immediately it struck me, it’s GetIconInfo! It creates two bitmap and I was not deleting them, my fault I should’ve have read MSDN properly!. 🙁

So as a summary don’t forget to delete bitmaps in an ICONINFO structure filled out by GetIconInfo because this is what the documentation says…


GetIconInfo creates bitmaps for the hbmMask and hbmColor members of ICONINFO. The calling application must manage these bitmaps and delete them when they are no longer necessary. 🙁

For those of you who didn’t know about GetIconInfo, it’s just a function which returns mask bitmap and real bitmap for an icon. You see transparent icons because they have a mask bitmap associated with them. This function also tells us whether given icon handle represents an icon or a cursor along with hotspot co-ords for a cursor.