Apr 232008

Breakfast this time was good, better than last two days!

Keynote sessions by Ray Ozzie and Steve Ballmer about to begin. Nice interactive session with all MVPs. With a few MVPs asking questions about future plans of Microsoft. Pretty cool guy, I’ve heard people talking nicely about him.

A snap of Ray!

So here comes Steve Ballmer! The same slam bang stuff slapping the hand of Toby Richards (WWF style) jumping around a bit. Very energetic, it’s a privilege to see him live. šŸ™‚

This is how he looked when he came in šŸ˜‰

He started off by mentioning about how Microsoft happened and how Microsoft got into this desktop application business that we see today! It was Bill’s idea according him.

Some funny questions and some serious questions were asked too. He was indeed listening and writing down important suggestions and questions that were asked!

A Canadian MVP gave his shirt to Steve, which he readily accepted, here is the picture! See the paper in his hand.

Another guy gave his simpsons tie to him (see it hanging loosely around his neck), more than just willing to wear it. šŸ™‚ And another gave a USB memory stick with somekind of a presentation related to something ( I didn’t properly hear).

Another SQL MVP Amit Bansal asked a funny question about whether he is able to sleep properly. He answered as I expected, if you do your job properly and honestly then you should be sleeping too. Only time he is not able to sleep is when he comes over to India. Ha!

All went well! Four days of serious fun! Enjoyed every bit of this. As always enjoyed my lunch with fellow Indian MVPs.

So now it’s time for Shopping in seattle, bought some stuff for my mother (will she be pleased? šŸ˜‰ ).

Thanks to Arijit Basu for these pictures!

Apr 192008

We are at Microsoft campus to for our third day MVP sessions. Guys are still busy taking pictures, including me, hehe. If ya see those pictures you will think I’m working in Microsoft (Hmm someday).

So what’s new, well nothing, it’s all about Microsoft products again. Good thing is that they are listening to what we are saying about their products. Our feedbacks are being noted down (This shows the importance of MVPs). Some of them are being seriously thought of being implemented.

We can expect real cool stuff from Microsoft! I won’t reveal what they are planning since I am under NDA!

Guess what! I saw John Robbins he was there for the debugger sessions. Hmm!

Well now let me reveal something, the thing that stunned me! One of the Visual C++ team members told me that he was using my Process Viewer. Wow isn’t that cool guys! For me it is! It’s a real cool application you should try it out.

We’ve got a third day party with fellow MVP’sĀ  so we’ll be leaving shortly!

Some pictures…

With MFC Program manager Sarita, and fellow MVPs!

With Joseph Newcomer and Prasad Som!

With P.J Naughter and a fellow MVP!

Near Space needle after our third day MVP party!

Apr 192008

First day went well, so this is the second day, all our sessions scheduled for today and tomorrow will held in Microsoft Campus!

Cool atmosphere! Can see MVPs walking around busy taking pictures around the concrete slab which has Microsoft written on it.

Guess what we’ll be meeting with the Visual C++ team today! Since I am under NDA I won’t be revealing much. Rest assured some hot stuff is coming. šŸ™‚

Pretty informative sessions! Met with Joseph Newcomer, Nishant Sivakumar, Prasad Somvanshi, P J Naughter!

Michael Dunn is somewhere here but I am yet to find him. Will catch him later.

The campus is real big! Even Microsoft employees haven’t visited all these buildings! Most of them don’t have the permission to do so!

Saw Ayman Shaukry from Visual C++ team too!

Core point of our discussion revolved around new products to be launched by Microsoft. Meeting room is packed with plenty of food and drinks.

So that’s it for the second day!

A picture of me standing by Microsoft concrete slab!

Group picture with few other India MVPs

Apr 152008

Pretty cool atmosphere! Well I was a bit worried about the public transportation system in Seattle, very different to what we have in India. Rodeway Inn hotel manager was kind enough to drop me back at the airport from where I was able to catch a bus to downtown seattle!

There are two busses that go to the summit venue( Washington state convention centre). Bus numbers 174 and 194. Initially I asked driver of bus number 174 whether it goes to convention centre but he told me it will take about 1 hour to get to the centre since the bus was a slow one. So he adviced me to try bus 194 which reaches the convention centre in about 15 minutes. Cool!

The coolest thing during this period was I met another MVP Dave Campbell, from Pheonix, also travelling to the same location, quite lucky!

I had a five dollar bill with me to buy a bus ticket, but bus driver refused to take money, me and Dave were surprised to hear this, no wonder dave had a fifteen dollars with him ;). The whole trip costs 1.5 dollars. So a free ride to the convention centre! šŸ™‚

So once there after bit of searching for the centre we found it, immediately went and checked in at Sheraton after paying 75$ security money.

Lunch was pretty cool! Missed out the first three sessions, catched on later with open space sessions, pretty cool sessions… Sessions were as follows!

  1. Creating successful organizations!
    Pretty cool insights from management experts. Well what am I doing in a session like this, šŸ˜‰ well you never know, you could be reading the blog of the next Mr. Bill Gates šŸ˜€
  2. You wanna be a writer!
    Well I already have a blog, I am also thinking of writing a book hence I bumped into this session and guess what met Joseph newcomer and some famous book writers!
  3. Problem solving
    Importance of asking right questions, importance of asking the right person for help in solving a problem, having respect for the problem maker šŸ˜‰ ha.
  4. Welcome reception
    Get drunk ;). I don’t drink but this was a pretty decent event, I thought we’ll be seeing some fights, but none took place. šŸ™
    Toby Richards was there made a small speech! Well what did he say? I don’t know šŸ™ Too much of noise!
  5. Go eat!
    Good food, to my relief I found rice, hurray!
  6. Go sleep! šŸ™‚

Will be back tomorrow reporting live from the summit! So till then this is Nibu for “Nibu’s programming stuff” reporting from Seattle! šŸ˜€

Some snaps!

With Karen Young, worldwide MVP lead!

Apr 132008

Pretty tired! Arrived here on the 13th morning, had a local hotel reservation since I didn’t have reservation at the Sheraton. Hell tired! Dozed off after refreshing myself!

Tacoma international airport is quite big, and well organized (First impression). Friendly people around! I do plan to visit the Boeing factory/museum if time permits!

Walked around in the airport a bit before moving to my hotel. None of my credit cards are working. šŸ™

Summit starts tomorrow, eager to meet with my fellow MVPs, most of them are here, got mails from nearly everybody who intended to come.

It’s slightly drizzling here making it bit cold for me, having lived in North india for about 10 years makes things easier for me though.