Jun 242016

What’s ServerRender?

ServerRender is a property of a webpart which disables client-side rendering for a webpart. You’ll lose some cool features of a webpart once you enable this feature for e.g.

  1. Inline editing of a list item, or in other words “Quick Edit”.
  2. Look and feel of the list changes to the traditional view, from a excel like view.

But this feature is quite handy when it comes to workaround some bugs related to client-side JavaScript.


How do we enable this feature via SharePoint UI?

  1. GoTo Site settings->Edit page
  2. Select list web part and then select WEB PART on the ribbon bar, then select the list web parts “Web Part Properties” on this ribbon.
  3. On the properties window that pops out on the right side, enable “Server Render”, at the bottom of this screenshot…


How do we enable this feature via PowerShell?

I had to dig around a bit to figure this out. Here’s how we do this via PowerShell…

#Web URL, change to your web's URL
$WebUrl = "http://sp/sites/TaskList"
#ListName, change to your list's name
$ListName = "MyTasks"
$web = Get-SPWeb $webUrl

#Get all web parts in this collection, please note this is for default view, if you've got other views please use URL for that view
$WebParts = $web.GetWebPartCollection($web.Lists[$ListName].DefaultViewUrl, [Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.Storage]::Shared)
#Dump names of all web parts on this page

#Assuming you just have one web part on this page.